Medicine for the Soul

With all the anti-gun stuff happening, I have been quite depressed.  At several of my schools, the topic has come up too often.  I have been asked which students have guns or concealed carry permits.  I’ve heard “nobody needs an AR-15” a few too many times.

Today, I had a great conversation with several of my students about the handloads they are working up.  One had just returned from a shooting match in Arizona, and three others were discussing what they had done in reloading class.

Perhaps the world hasn’t gone completely mad.  Perhaps there are a few more of us than I thought.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Geocaching This Weekend

I took a road trip down to Deming, NM, and then a little farther, crossing into Palomas, Mexico.  I decided to do some geocaching on this trip.

The first geocache I found was near my hotel, by the entrance to an RV park.  This geocache had some trinkets, but I brought none to leave, so I took none.  It was hidden near an old piece of farm equipment.

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The second geocache was found in the Pink Store, just across the border in Mexico.  This marks my first international geocache.  It was very cleverly hidden.  This geocache also had trinkets, but I brought none to trade.


Thank you for reading my post.

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Air Rifle Practice

I had a very short session of air rifle practice last night. It was sandwiched between two online tutoring opportunities. The session was so short that I did not even have a chance to claim my targets. I literally shot to practice, but then did not finish an entire relay, and left before it was time to collect targets.

Even so, there is something important about getting the sight picture each time. Feeling where everything aligns and taking the shot. I could tell, through the spotting scope, that I was doing well in the prone position, with tight groups and several X’s. Sitting was a little sloppier, though the gas cylinder was starting to empty, and my shots were stringing downwards.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Shooting Related Things

I spent some time this weekend decapping .223 Win brass using a Lee decapping die. I decapped 296 cases, and stopped when I ran out of light. I also attempted to load some .22 Hornets, but I have something adjusted wrong, as I either push the bullet into the case completely, or buckle the neck. On a pistol cartridge, I would think that I didn’t properly bell the case, and so that’s what I’m researching for this week.

I finally filled up my sandbags with honest, New Mexico sand from my backyard. Now, I have a good front and rear sandbag for sighting in my rifles.

I went to air rifle practice this evening and I will post the scores later this week. I did okay, though I did go through two cylinders of compressed air. When I could tell it was running low, I shot anyway, just to keep practicing sight picture. I won’t score those, as some of them hit an entire target low.

Thank you for reading my post.

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As a proud life member of the NRA and the proud owner of several AR-15’s, I am annoyed with my Facebook feed these last few days.

My rights are not subjected to your vote. The majority does not get to decide what I have the right to have or own, at least in the moral world. I don’t know about the world I live in, but in a just world, my rights are not subject to your crying, screaming, or demanding that I “compromise.”

I have too many contacts on Facebook that are worthwhile to shut it off. I am unfollowing people like crazy though, and soon I will only have cat photos on my wall.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Gun Show and Air Rifle Practice

Yesterday, Joey and I went to the gun show in Albuquerque. It was fun, and there was all sorts of neat stuff. I could have spent the money I don’t have on this stuff. There were tons of AR-15 parts, and that’s always good to see.

If I had money to buy one thing there, I don’t even know what I would have chosen. I saw someone that had a .357/.38 lever action for sale. I saw a Browning Auto 5 that had been engraved, which was also really nice.

Today, I went to air rifle practice and shot decently. I have updated the scores on the air rifle page.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Busy Times

I spent an hour or so yesterday in the reloading shed with my son, Joey, cranking out .38 Specials. We loaded 141 of them, with 158 gr round nose bullets, CCI primers, and 8.4 grains of 2400. I can’t wait to test them.

I also mounted a red dot scope on one of my AR-15s. I will have to test it out and get it zeroed, but it is in place.

I finally installed the lighter trigger on my Ruger 10-22D as well. It breaks with significantly less effort than the stock trigger. I will need to test this out as well.

Needless to say (though I did several times), I have a lot of testing to do.

I cleaned several guns, and developed a schedule for cleaning them once a year, regardless of whether I shoot them or not, just to keep them from getting dusty and rusty.

Thank you for reading my post.

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