Air Rifle Practice: 10/16/17

I had another opportunity to shoot this evening, but just for a few minutes again.  I’m not typically in Socorro on Monday nights, but this evening, I was able to get two targets worth of prone position shooting in before returning to work.

I did not do spectacularly, considering I was using a scoped air rifle in the prone position, but it was good to get some pellets out on the paper.  I have updated my shooting scores page.

I also had a chat with Jim and perhaps I will make a few more recoil buffers for my Camp Carbine, just because that part wears out.

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Air Rifle Practice: 10/9/17

I was able to shoot for a few minutes at air rifle practice this evening.  I am not normally in town on Monday nights, but this week and next, I will be.

I only shot for a few minutes.  At first, the gas cylinder was low, so my first target (shooting prone) had a bunch of shots strung vertically.  I replaced the cylinder and shot a target from the sitting position.  I have posted these scores on the air rifle practice page.

Before the second relay, more students showed up.  I am behind on my grading, so I gave up my point and went back to my office instead.  Perhaps I will shoot more next week, as I will be at NMT again next Monday night.

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Las Vegas

I don’t have much to say about this mass shooting.  I know the thing I want most right now are some straight facts, and I can count on not getting those.  Who was this guy, how was he able to shoot so fast, and so on.

So far, the news has said he had a “machine gun” but those are so incredibly difficult to get that I highly doubt it.  He might have modified a semiautomatic with a crank trigger mechanism, but unless he mouted it, it would be hard to control and crank at the same time.

All of this brought back memories of calling folks at Virginia Tech to see which of my friends had survived, and which had not.


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American Rifleman: September 2017

I finally finished reading an issue of American Rifleman.  I’ve been woefully behind on my reading, so it was nice to finish what I had started.

My favorite article in this issue was, “Hornady’s 6.5 MM Creedmoor” by Joseph L. Kurtenbach.  I am a sucker for specialty cartridges, as I have mentioned on this blog numerous times.  I think this 6.5 mm Creedmoor shows a lot of promise as a hunting and target round. (1)

My second favorite article was, “The First Ruger” by Don Findley.  While I have been disappointed by the Mark III pistol, I really did like the Mark II pistols that I grew up shooting.  This article gave the history of this company; a company that started with such meager roots, yet now produces 12 million guns a year.  (2)

Thank you for reading my post.


  1.  Kurtenbach, Joseph L.  “Hornady’s 6.5 MM Creedmoor,” American Rifleman, September 2017, pg 57-62.
  2. Findley, Don.  “The First Ruger,” American Rifleman, September 2017, pg. 69-71.
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Cibola National Forest

This weekend, we spent a little time hiking around the Cibola National Forest.

We started out by spending Saturday night in Water Canyon. We didn’t bring a tent, but the weather was excellent, so we unrolled a sleeping bag and slept in the bed of the truck. We fit, if we drop the tailgate, as the Ranger with a tool box and the tailgate down is just enough room to stretch out.

It was a chilly night, though not unbearable. My alarm went off at 6, as I had forgotten to remove that phone alarm for this weekend. It was especially chilly at that hour, so after an hour of shivering, I decided to go for a morning stroll. I started up Trail #13, but did not go but a few hundred yards. It was a nice trail, I just didn’t want JoAnna to think I’d wandered off too far, as we had a busy day ahead of us. I thought the trail went up the nearby hill, but instead, it ran parallel to the road.  The trail wasn’t terribly steep, as it paralleled the road.  This was the steepest part I saw:

The view along the trail was pleasant as well.  I was going to wait until the sun reached into the valley (and my truck, and JoAnna) before continuing about our day.

Along the way, I did see some Indian Paintbrush flowers (I think that is what these are called):

Later in the day, we explored the areas near the Waldo and Kelly mines.  We only did a little hiking here, maybe a half a mile or so, and the photos I took were more about the mining history.  I will post those on my Industrial Archeology blog instead.  However, the view from both mines was really nice.

Those clouds signaled the rain.  Believe it or not, I was getting rained upon in the photo below:

We did a little rockhounding and then returned to Socorro, swapped vehicles, and headed back to Rio Rancho.  We will return soon, as we always have fun outside.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Full House for Air Rifle Practice

I briefly attended air rifle practice this afternoon, though I did not get the chance to shoot.  It was the first air rifle practice of the semester, so there were quite a few shooters lined up to participate.  On nights like these, I help coach and watch the firing line, and so that’s what I did.

I should probably look into the NRA coaching program.  I love teaching, and I love shooting.  I should probably look into becoming a real certified shooting instructor.  In fact, I will give an update next week on what is required to do so.  Hold me to it!

Thank you for reading my post.

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Quick Geocache

Yesterday, we were driving from Silver City, NM, to Socorro, NM, and stopped at several landmarks along the way.  One of these places commemorated the Silver Fire of 2013, which burned quite a few square miles of the Gila National Forest.

The forest has been recovering, and we stopped at the new visitor’s parking area and rest stop and looked over the area.

While we were there, I checked my geocaching app, and sure enough, there was a small magnetic located here.  We signed the log.

We continued east on NM 152, stopping at an old bridge built in 1927.  There was supposedly another geocache, but with nighttime upon us, we never did find it.

Thank you for reading my post.

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