American Rifleman: July 2017

I finally finished reading the July 2017 issue of American Rifleman, and I liked several of the articles.

First, let me say that I always enjoy the column titled, I Have This Old Gun…  I love history, and I love historic artifacts, so I appreciated this piece by Garry James about the M30 Luftwaffe Drilling. (1)

My other favorite article from this issue was, Relevant Innovation:  The 22 Nosler by Aaron Carter.  I’m a sucker for new cartridges, and reading more on this development makes me want to pick up an AR for the purpose of making a .22 Nosler AR. (2)  It looks like a flatter shooting .223.  However, my wallet and my gun safe say, “Not today!”

In fact, probably the last thing I need to do is pick up another gun, for yet another cartridge.  As it is, it’s hard getting .32-20, .32 S&W Short, and .32 ACP (that will feed in my Llama 1911 scale-down).

Overall, it was a good read.

Thank you for reading my post.


1. James, Garry.  I Have This Old Gun…M30 Luftwaffe Drilling.  American Rifleman, July, 2017, pp 96.

2.  Carter, Aaron.  Relevant Innovation:  The 22 Nosler. American Rifleman, July, 2017, pp 49-52.

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Backyard Wildlife

In addition to my scorpion hunting, I have been paying attention the wildlife we have in our yard.  Of the most interest in recent days has been the family of quail that I see running around the yard. I suspect them of eating the new leaves on my garden plants, but I haven’t confirmed it yet.  Anyway, I found this guy hiding under a pickup truck seat that rests under my porch.


Also, we found this nest in my front yard:


We have had a few hummingbirds now for several years in a row, and this year, they got lazy and built the next six feet from the hummingbird feeder.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Reloading Shack

I have neglected to keep my reloading shack clean.  Therefore, I spent the first four hours of the day working in there to clean things up.

Probably my biggest problem is cleaning up brass.  I have tons of brass, of all different makes and calibers, all mixed together.  What happens is that I sort some of it out, and then lose interest for a bit.  Then, I end up knocking things over, or I end up with a mix of primed brass and unprimed brass, or some combination of things like that.

Today was spent mostly sorting out that brass.  I still have a long ways to go on it, but hopefully, I’ll get it straightened out.

I also cleared some of the “junk” that was laying around as well.  That makes it more fun to reload, as there is more space to deal with these sorts of issues.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Old Target

I visited my parents a few weeks ago, and my mom found an old target in her stuff.  The target was mine, from when I was a teenager, and is dated 2/25/96.  I likely shot this with my Ruger 10-22.



I was testing out different cartridges in that rifle, likely from a bench, at 25 yards.  The winners were the PMC Zapper and the Eley Standard.  The PMC were much cheaper to shoot than the Eley, so I shot a number of them through this rifle  I don’t know, looking back, how much I knew about marksmanship at the time, and whether this was a fair test, or whether I just fired away.  I have a hard time believing some of these were so bad, and I am sure that was me, not the rifle or the ammunition.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Walk Along the Potomac

I drove to Virginia to visit my parents.  On my way to their house, I stopped at a park and beach along the Potomac River near Dahlgren, VA, and took a few photos around sunset. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading my post.

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Graduation Shooting

After Graduation, a few of us got together to get in a little range time.  It was a windy day, so our targets kept blowing over.

I adjusted the sights on my latest AR-15, and I think I have them at least on paper.  Next semester, I will shoot it in a CMP school, and see if I can fine-tune it from there.

I also shock-tested the ventilated handguard on one of my Mossberg 500s.  I had installed this device, but never tested it.  I ran through five shells as fast as I could pump and pull the trigger, and there was no movement or signs of wear on the handguard.

I spent the bulk of my time on the range shooting my Smith and Wesson SW9VE.  That handgun and I have been partners so many times.  It’s always good to make sure I can still shoot it well.  The sights line up (for me) as though it were an extension of my hand.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Air Rifle Practice

I attended air rifle practice this evening. It was the last one of the semester and I was glad to have attended.  I was able to shoot in all three positions tonight, for the first time in many weeks.

The air rifle practice was not very well attended today, but it did mean that I got to shoot the entire time.

I will miss air rifle practice over the summer, and will probably only attend again occasionally next semester.  It may be the spring before I attend again regularly, unfortunately.

Thank you for reading my post.

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