Repost: 6/20/09

I am in the process of moving some content from an old website. This post is some of that content.

We went for an overnight camping trip to the Box Canyon, NM area. It was not a significant hike in (maybe a tenth of a mile or so to our camping area). We also had our son with us, so for his first camping trip, we didn’t want to have to hike far. Our campsite was not in Box Canyon, but rather at the entrance to the Box Canyon area.

Not super thrilled about camping…

Somewhat thrilled about running down the hill, however.

Chairs set up for reading, fire ring in the center.

Tent is set up, waiting for campers.

Another view of the tent.

Campfires are hard to photograph.

Overall, the camping trip was a success. The tent worked out, and it was only mildly chilly during the June night. I did mange to pick up a nail in my tire somewhere near the entrance to the campground, and had to change the tire. Otherwise, the chairs, tent and supplies worked out alright with no issues to report.

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