Repost: 9/4/05

Yet another car camping trip repost. This one took us to a rainy evening at Mt. Taylor, NM. First, however was many miles of I-40. The Taurus has no tarp for a back windshield today- at least until we hit the rain later in the day. The windshield was lost during a massive hailstorm in 2004, and its owner would tape a tarp up on the few days that it rained in New Mexico.

Along the way, we decided to stop and see the Ice Caves. They were probably pretty neat in the 1950s, but after years of being open to the desert atmosphere and tourism, they had melted significantly, and there was only a little bit of ice left.

Then, we decided to hike around the Bandera Volcano, co-located with the Ice Caves. This marks the first time I had seen a volcano.

Well after dark, we ventured up Mount Taylor. We got as far as our cars could go without crossing large rocks, deep mud or downed trees. We searched for firewood that was not waterlogged and only found a little bit. We burned a McDonald’s bag that we found as kindling, and only had a meager fire in the rain. I went to sleep before the others, only to be awaken by a few hunters who had some awesome 4WD vehicle that needed to get passed me to continue on. It was a skeleton of a vehicle- an engine, roll cage and giant tires. I wish I had taken a picture of it.

The next morning, we left, and I took a few photos along the way back down Mt. Taylor. We had missed these views on the way in because it was rainy and nighttime.

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