Repost: 4/15/05

I used to camp with the Pathfinders, which is the Seventh-Day Adventist equivalent to a co-ed Scouts group. Years later, I was loosely affiliated with a church group at college that went on a camping trip with the Fredericksburg, VA Pathfinders. Because I used to go to the Fredericksburg church, I decided to go on this camping trip at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park near the Natural Bridge in Virginia.

I took a few artistic photos, using sepia filters. Yeah, I was taking sepia pictures before sepia was cool.

At one point, there was a task to make a scene from the Bible using only the things nearby. One group chose to illustrate Daniel and the Lion’s Den, and another Noah’s Ark.

We also made fun of Paul’s crazy jungle hammock that he positioned over the shores of the James River.

The next morning was cool, and there was fog over the James River and over a pond near the campsite.

After everyone was awake, we toured the Natural Bridge. I had been there before, once for an Easter morning service, which was pretty neat. This time, we got to go back and see the spring and the water fall as well, which was a part of the park I had not explored.

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