Repost: 9/29/01

Wes, Cindy, Kim and I decided we wanted to go camping. Wes suggested this place: Rice Field, along the Appalachian Trail, but it was approximately 6.5 miles in, and 6.5 miles back out. We crossed into and out of West Virginia a few times along the trail.

Kim, Cindy, Wes, Nate, Andrew, and I all went… they had been at the football game all day, so they were already tired, but they all had fun too. I was totally out of shape for this, but it was fun anyway. We hiked there part of the way in the dark, which was not real good, but no harm done. We pitched two tents and stayed on the top of the mountain (3390 ft) Saturday night.

It was the COLDEST I’ve ever been in a tent before, because of the strong wind; and the strong wind is why there was a clearing. I snapped a few pictures the next morning of the view from our campsite.

We hiked back down Sunday afternoon and returned to our schoolwork which had been waiting for us, oh so patiently.

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