Repost: M1 Garand Project 8/16/06

I ordered an unfinished walnut stock/handguard from Boyd today. They said they are slightly backordered, but would get it to me as soon as possible. The Boyd stocks are a bit thicker than standard, but I like them better. An M1 purist would be upset, but that’s tough. It’s unfinished too, so I’ll finish it how I like. $81.12 shipped.

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3 Responses to Repost: M1 Garand Project 8/16/06

  1. Brittius says:

    Pine Tar Oil? Mineral oil on top rubbed with pure beeswax?

    • n3mra says:

      None of the above. It is a very light stain and then a polymer sealant. It was long enough ago that I don’t remember the shade or the brand, which would have been nice to include in here. I have another M1 stock that I will refinish soon, and I’ll be sure to post more details as I work on it.

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