San Lorenzo Canyon 2/?/06

I went out with a friend of mine to San Lorenzo Canyon. She was doing some work for her geology degree, and I was along for the ride. I mostly wandered around and took a few photos of the canyon, though many of them did not turn out well. The sun was setting and it was getting dark inside the canyon. The biggest frustration was not getting a decent picture of some faulting that had occurred recently. There were several giant cracks running along the floor of the canyon. The canyon itself is one feature along a rift valley and it is constantly moving. These cracks were recent enough that the loose sand had not yet blown in to fill them.

There is some local folklore about this canyon being haunted or an evil place. I don’t know all of the stories, but some people go out there and have a supernatural experience, and others go out there to drink or climb rocks or hang out with friends.

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