Vulcanology Tour: 11/??/05

Back in 2005, I got to go on a field trip to several young volcanoes in New Mexico. I was invited by several of my friends who were in a geology class at the time. The volcanoes were near Grants, NM, and these pictures were just one part of our tour; they represent the time before my camera battery died.

If I keep this up, I’m going to have to rename this blog to include geology….

I took a picture walking along the rim of the volcano:

From the rim, you could see another cinder cone in the distance:

However, the purpose of this trip was to go through the lava tubes. The lava tubes had obviously once transported lava just under the surface. Sometimes, the lava drained from the tubes and then the lava tubes collapsed. Many of these are collapsed lava tubes. I walked around through some of the bigger ones, but some of the tight ones, I stayed back. If you look at these pictures carefully, you can see the students wandering at the bottom of some of the bigger lava tubes.

The environment around the lava tubes was neat as well. There was lava that had frozen and cracked:

Other places, the lava cooled quickly and left an behind rocks that did not have time to allow crystals to grow very large. The resulting rock is shiny, but not amorphous like obsidian:

The last thing I have for you was neat- and when you think about it, it makes sense. Suppose you have a layer of semi-liquid rock and then you start piling solid rock on top of it. What do you get? Squeeze-out:

Of course, it’s all solid now, but it looks like it is being squeezed out from between the layers of rock.

I hope you enjoyed my photos!

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