American Rifleman: March 2014

I just finished reading this month’s issue of American Rifleman. Among the articles were two that I really enjoyed: “A Few Great Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit” by Layne Simpson, and “Guns of the Battle of Blair Mountain” by Kenneth L Smith-Christmas.

The first article (1) gave a history of some really neat cartridges that started out as wildcats (meaning there was no commercial supply- you had to make your own). I appreciate many of these cartridges, and have shot .22-250 and .257 Roberts on quite a few occasions. It was neat to get the history of the rounds.

The second article (2)- well, I disagreed with some of the stances the author took against the coal mining companies, but the article itself was neat. It covered some of the guns used in the Battle of Blair Mountain which was fought between miners and mining company in the hills near a small coal town. This article had an archaeological angle, which was a neat thing to find in American Rifleman.

Pick up your copy today, or receive it as part of your membership to the National Rifle Association.

(1) Simpson, Layne. “A Few Great Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit.” American Rifleman Mar. 2014: 58-63. Print.

(2) Smith-Christmas, Kenneth L. “Guns of the Battle of Blair Mountain.” American Rifleman Mar. 2014: 64-68. Print.

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