Working on Another M1 Garand Stock

A few years ago, I bought a severely beaten M1 Garand stock. It had no federal markings, just a ton of scratches and such. I don’t know if it is even a standard stock, or an aftermarket stock, but it looked like garbage, and had no formal markings of any sort.

I decided to restore the stock. Some of the marks had been carved deep with a pocket knife.

Today, I sanded down about half of the stock with 60 grit paper. I was able to remove many of the scratches. Both the old stain and the scratches were deep, but underneath, the wood seems to be just fine, and has a nice grain pattern to it. I may stain it a lighter color when I am finished.

I hope you enjoyed my post!

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One Response to Working on Another M1 Garand Stock

  1. Brittius says:

    If minor, I used to take a white piece of paper and a steam iron and lightly go over the mark a few times. It will not really cure it, but at times it does help. Try not to burn the wood.
    It looks like some heavy scratching. Maybe a sealing with shellac, then wet sand over the shellac once dried to make a filler material. Shellac stick (Brownell’s) might help, but generally I use it on cracks and not scratches that deep, the photo appears.
    The singular important area is where the stock is inletted, as bedding will be needed on old stocks that have been disassembled countless times.

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