A Trip to the Range: 5/6/14

On Tuesday, I went to the range and tested out my Remington 721. I bought it way back in the fall of 2013, but had not yet made a trip to the range to test it out.

The .270 had a little more kick than I was used to, but overall not as bad as I expected. I was able to reliably hit the gong at 177 yards (don’t ask me why 177, it just is) from the standing position. I was able to hit the elk silhouette at 325 yards as well, though without a spotter, it was hard to tell when I hit it and when it was high. Low kicked up dust.

The rifle handled well. It was comfortable to shoot and comfortable to carry. I did have a few instances where I worked the bolt slowly and the empty casing remained in the chamber. This is a good thing- I just wasn’t expecting it. You could work the bolt quickly and eject the case, or work it slowly and remove it by hand.

I also took my Colt Police Positive to the range. I love that little revolver. I shot through 56 rounds (all but 6 from a factory box plus 12 reloads) at different ranges and targets and had a great time. I need to stop buying boxes at $48.65 for 50 when I could reload them (as soon as I get a die set) for significantly less.

In spite of the heavy wind, limited ammunition, and extra rifle recoil, it was a great day at the range!

I hope you enjoyed my post.

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