American Rifleman: August 2014

This month’s (August 2014) American Rifleman was not as interesting as ones in the past. I guess with election season upon us, most of the issue was dedicated to politics. As gun owners, there is plenty of reason to be worried at every election cycle, and so I don’t fault them for this issue. My only problem was that there was no new information for me to extract from these articles.

That having been said, I did enjoy reading about this year’s NRA Convention. I will likely never get to attend one, as they are always in May, and I’d rather be storm chasing in May. It is amazing how many people they get to this event, however, and I think that it must be quite the event. I also enjoy reading about the new products, even if they are all out of my price range.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully, I will start doing some more camping here in the fall, and will have more to post on this blog.

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