American Rifleman: April 2015

I am behind on my reading these days, though I am slowly catching up. Over the past few days, I have read the April 2015 issue of American Rifleman.

On page 54, there was an article called, “Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Loads” by Aaron Carter. The article gave more description about what goes into these loads (a mixture of shot sizes). I had never considered mixing shot sizes, though it is a really good idea. I knew this was done with some self-defense loads for handguns, but I hadn’t thought about the down-range advantage to this from a shotgun. Great job, Federal!

My other favorite article was on page 86, called “Deep Behind Enemy Lines” by Major John L. Plaster. This article was about some of the specialty weapons used by special forces during the Vietnam war. What was interesting about this article was that the Green Berets stationed here were not allowed to use standard US military weapons, so they used an assortment of non-standard equipment.

Even though I’m two months behind schedule, if you haven’t read either of these articles, I highly recommend them.

Thank you for reading my post!

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