Top of the World Hike, CA

On November 22, 2015, my girlfriend and I took the trail to the Top of the World near Laguna Beach, CA. The park folks tried to warn us that there was a huge elevation change (300-ish ft). We didn’t tell them that we were from New Mexico and had hiked the Sandias. We just nodded at their warnings and hiked the trail anyway.

Overall, this trail was no big deal. There was a steep climb called the “stair-steps trail”, which was pretty neat, I thought.

From the stair steps trail, one could see the rest of the two parks:

…and to the south, we can see just a speck of blue ocean:

Then, at the top of the ridge, the “trail” was clearly a dirt access road. Even so, the view was great:

Finally, we arrived at the “Top of the World,” which was a mound of dirt on top of an underground water storage tank. From this place, we could see Catalina Island, Long Beach, and the high mountains to the northeast. It was worth the hike.

The hardest part of the hike was descending down the south side of this trail. It was relatively steep, and I found myself having trouble walking, as momentum wanted me to run.

Once we reached the bottom, we had to walk along the road for another two miles or so to reach our car. Overall, it was around six miles total, and so worth it!

Thank you for reading my post!

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