Reloading: 1/25/16

On Saturday, my son and I did some reloading.  We found quite a few problems with my reloading bench. First, the plate that my press was mounted to had failed; the screw holes were stripped.  We instead C-clamped the press to the work bench directly.

Going through my dies and equipment, we found that the .223 Win full length sizing die had a case stuck in it, probably from using the incorrect shell holder.  I have not yet been able to remove it.  We also found that the decapping rod for the 9mm die set had been loose and the threads were stripped on it as well.

Aside from those problems, my son was able to decap and size:
25 .22 Hornet
37 .30-30 Win

…while I primed:
100 .357 Mag

I also finished reading this month’s (January 2016) issue of American Rifleman.  I particularly enjoyed this issue, as there were several articles of interest to me.  My favorite articles were:

“I Have This Old Gun…” by Rick Hacker.  It was about the Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Hammerless Revovler, and that even though it was a century old, it is still only worth $150 or so.  I liked this article mostly because I like old double action revolvers, and while I don’t have this particular gun, I have some like it.

“A Danger to Public Safety,” by Stephen Halbrook.  This article told the real-life story of gun registration and confiscation by Nazi Germany.  This author wrote a book, and I will probably pick it up at some point as well.

“We Have the Technology,” by Joseph Kurtenbach.  This article discussed the bullet tip design that goes into Hornady ammunition.  As a materials engineer, this article was particularly fascinating, as they discussed how the glass-transition temperature of the polymer in most bullets is exeeded during flight.

Thank you for reading this post.

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