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Air Rifle Practice and American Rifleman

This evening, I updated my air rifle scores.  I had a good shoot tonight, shooting both prone and sitting positions.  I have more scores to add, but that will occur at another time. I ordered a Lee .223 decapping die, … Continue reading

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Enfield and the Albuquerque Gun Show

There was a gun show this weekend in Albuquerque. I was just going to stop by and take a look around. Instead, one gun followed me home: This is an Enfield rifle, converted to .308 Win, with a synthetic stock … Continue reading

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Lyman Trimmer

I set up my Lyman Trimmer.  It took a few minutes to get set up, though most of that was my fault.  I took apart the case rim holder, only to have the springs launch out across the floor.   … Continue reading

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Reloading: 1/31/16

Yesterday, I primed: 36 .30-.30 Win 195 .243 Win using mixed brass, CCI large rifle primers and a Lee hand-priming tool.  Speaking of which, there is a bible verse that reads: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and … Continue reading

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