Air Rifle Practice and American Rifleman

This evening, I updated my air rifle scores.  I had a good shoot tonight, shooting both prone and sitting positions.  I have more scores to add, but that will occur at another time.

I ordered a Lee .223 decapping die, so hopefully that will deal with the problems I’ve had with my .223 die.

I also finished reading the Febrary 2016 issue of American Rifleman.  My favorite article was “When the Deer Came Running,”  by Martin K.A. Morgan. It explains how rough conditions were during parts of the Korean war.  I also liked, “Ruger’s First Target Pistol,” by Don Findley, as I have always appreciated the Mark line of pistols.  I grew up shooting Mark II handguns of various configurations.  I also own a Mark III, and after a trip back to the factory, I like it quite a bit.

Thank you for reading this post.

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