Reloading This Week

Joey and I reloaded 185 .243 Win.  Out of these:
155 had 34.5 gr IMR 4895, 85 gr Sierra soft points and 2.615″ OAL
20 had 34.5 gr IMR 4895, 75 gr Sierra hollow points and 2.580″ OAL


We also  deburred some .22 Hornets and .30-30 Winchesters using a Lyman deburring tool. It does alright, though if you twist backwards, it wants to unscrew the deburring attachment.

I spent some time sorting brass as well.

I am also quite disappointed with my Franklin Arsenal vibratory tumbler, which died during this past week.  The motor was surging  and then stopped running.

Thank you for reading my post.

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