Chupedera Trail: 3/26/16

I moved to Socorro, NM, in 2005. I started dating JoAnna in 2006, and for many years afterwards, we said, “someday, we should hike Chupedera Trail.” In 2011, we moved to Rio Rancho.

On our 10th anniversary, we decided it was time to hike the trail. All said and done, it was about 9.7 miles, and relatively easy hiking.

The trail is in Socorro County, NM, just a little ways south of San Antonio, NM. The trail crosses under some railroad tracks and under I-25 as well.

Most of the trail is at a gentle incline towards the mountain, though the last two miles or so takes you through some switchbacks and through the back of a canyon. That part is a little more steep.

A few photos going through the canyon, the first looking forward:

…and the remaining two looking backward over the valley.

There were a few cacti along the route as well:

We parked on the other side of this railroad bridge, which I show in this photo using 30x optical zoom:

Once we reached the peak, the view was great- even though we were under a high wind warning, and the winds were gusting to almost 60 mph.

After a little while, we made our way back down, and returned home.

Thank you for reading my post.

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