Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Ported

My girlfriend and I went to the local indoor range to see if anyone was willing to let us test out a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Ported model.

A little history with this story: my girlfriend and I watched some 3-Gun Competitions on TV, and decided that a 3-gun match would be a fun thing to do. While I am 210 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal, with big hands, my girlfriend is much smaller, and therefore, no guns I own fit her, other than my AR-15. My AR-15 covers the rifle portion of the competition, but not the shotgun or the pistol part. At some point, we found a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm ported pistol on our travels. We were out of state and could not purchase it- and had no way to test it anyhow.

Flash forward to this weekend. We met a guy who worked at the range who loaned us his personal one, complete with red dot sight and everything. We started out by shooting at 15 yards, my girlfriend beating me by several points.

Then, we moved to 25 yards. I did better in this stage, but my girlfriend tried several different grips and stances.

We then moved to 30 yards and shot comparable. By then, we had probably moved the red dot sight (it kept powering down, and we were pressing a button to start it again). Both of us shot slightly to the left.

All in all, here was my target:

…and hers:

The gun fit her hand well. The biggest problem was that it only cycled about half the time in her hands. In mine, it failed to feed once, but in hers, it failed to feed, stove-piped, and failed to lock up on multiple occasions. We tried different grips and different stances to try to put more mass behind the gun, but to no avail. If we buy this gun, we’ll probably put a lighter recoil spring in it, as well as a lighter trigger, as this will be a race gun. Either way, she got good at recognizing and clearing jams in a hurry.

Having mentioned this, the tactical class of 3-Gun matches will not allow us to use a ported barrel. However, a non-ported barrel will fit in this model, and would still have the reduced weight in the slide.

Thank you for reading my post.

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