Outdoor Products 17L Hydration Bag

I bought one of these at Walmart a few weeks ago and have been taking it running and biking.  It has been through a 32 mile bike ride, and several 5 mile runs.  I can take 2 liters of water, as well as a few snacks and other assorted odds and ends.

So far, it has worked out mostly well.  It has a hip strap and a sternum strap to keep the weight distributed properly on my back, even in motion.  I can carry these thing with almost no load, and no fatigue on my shoulders.  The most I notice is that my back will get hot due to the limited circulation.

The only cons I have encountered so far are that because they are not related to CamelBack, which I am used to using, their bite valve works differently.  Instead of simply biting it and allowing water to flow, you must also pull out on the bite valve.  On one particularly thirsty occasion, I bit the valve, pulled back, and managed to pull the whole valve out of the hose.  So, there I was, biking along, trying to stuff a valve back into a fountain of water that was splashing everywhere.  This only happened once, and I was much more careful from that time forward.

Also, I need to put a pin through the shoulder straps, as they want to creep loose over time.  I tighten them probably once or twice in a 5 mile run, and maybe three or four times in the long bike ride.

Overall though, $29.88 was  a great price for this bag, so far.  Furthermore, they are guaranteed for life, so perhaps I will have this bag for quite some time.

Thank you for reading my post.

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