My Love of Contenders

I think it is probably inherited.  Both of my parents shot Thompson Center Contenders in long range pistol competitions before I was born. In fact, my mother took a brief hiatus from shooting them when she was pregnant with me.

I have a old-style Contender, as well as a G2 contender, though many of the parts are not interchangeable between the two.  My G2 has a rifle stock and a .22 barrel, which, just the fact that I can convert it between a pistol and a rifle gives me joy.

Considering the election cycle, and my recent completion of a second bachelor’s degree (and acceptance into a second master’s degree program), perhaps it is time to add another rifle barrel to the mix.

The sharp grip angle of the contender has me believe that a hard-recoiling rifle caliber is not the best option, though I cannot confirm any problems related to this.  Perhaps I will pick up some fast-moving, small bullet, like a .22-250 or .204 Ruger.  Or maybe something as mundane as a .223.  We’ll see…

Thank you for reading my post.

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