Does Thinking About It Count?

I had great intentions of going to the Socorro shooting range on Sunday. I brought along my PA-63, Polish 9×18 Makarov for practice.

I did not, however, bring extra ammunition.  I realized this before I went to the range, and figured I could cure that with a quick trip to the local Walmart.  The trip was unsuccessful, so I did not end up shooting at all this weekend.

I really like my PA-63. I worry that it might be underpowered, but it is fun to shoot and to carry.  Probably the two biggest complaints I have with it are that it is a bit heavy for what it is (a small, low capacity pistol), and that magazines must be removed by hand, as they do not fall out of the grip like they do in most handguns. However, the pistol feels well made and smooth.  The sights are small, but it isn’t a target gun. I’d rather have low profile sights that don’t get snagged in clothing.

Maybe next week, I’ll get out there and do some shooting.

Thank you for reading my post.

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