American Rifleman: November 2016

This month’s issue of American Rifleman featured mostly election and politics information, as could be expected with such a pivital Presidential race rapidly approaching.  Naturally, American Rifleman spoke of Trump and Clinton mostly, but did not mention Johnson’s voting record at all. I don’t know yet whether it isn’t strongly pro-gun, or whether the NRA recognizes Johnson doesn’t stand a chance in this election.

The non-political articles of interest included one on the Grouseland Rifle, by Joe Jansen, and “The M1’s Baptism by Fire” by Tom Laemlein.  Both of these caught my interest, as the Grouseland Rifle’s story was well-written and highlighted the history of this rifle, and, as an M1 owner, the article by Laemlein was worth the read.

Thank you for reading my post.

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7 Responses to American Rifleman: November 2016

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Johnson, advocates, confiscation of all firearms. While in an audience he dribbled that he was “pro” gun, he immediately reversed once he was speaking to an audience not comprised of firearm owners. I consider him as purchasable or, “Bernie Sanders Lite”.

    • n3mra says:

      That’s what I was afraid of. He never struck me as pro-gun… I’m not even really sure why he’s a libertarian.

      • Rifleman III says:

        Oddball guy. No libertarian would want to stomp on anyone else’s RIGHTS. Maybe it was the only political party that would back him. His views are totalitarian, and definitely not, libertarian. The potheads will vote for him. Maybe he will get between 2% and 3% of the general vote. Wasted votes. Plays into Hillary going into the Oval Office.

      • n3mra says:

        Yeah, that was about the only thing I saw was that he was pro-marijuana, and there are so many more things that being a true libertarian encompasses. I think I read that he was for cap and trade and a bunch of environmental regulations as well.

        I’m afraid we may lose this election and I’m just not sure if we’ll ever get back our rights after the Hildabeast.

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  3. joejansen1 says:

    Thanks for the nice comments about the Grouseland Rifle story. Glad you liked it.

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