Cleaning up the Shed

Over the summer, I let my reloading shed become far too unorganized.  It has been a real mess.  Tools, brass, car parts, and all sorts of mayhem were strewn about the shed.

However, my son and I spent an hour or two just grouping “like” things, and it is already coming together nicely.  Another hour or so and things will be quite organized.

I need to get clear what reloading dies I have and what are my limiting factors for each caliber.  I know, for example, that I have no die set for .32-20 Win, but I’m not sure what is going on with my .223 dies.  I know I have one with a case stuck in it.  I also know I spent a bunch of money on a stupid Hornady case trimmer that is totally worthless.  I’m loathe to buy another one, but I have no way to trim cases at this time.

Anyway, I will start taking stock and filling in the gaps soon.

Thank you for reading my post.

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4 Responses to Cleaning up the Shed

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Try taking a cleaning rod and .22 bore brush, wrap lightly with piece of cotton t-shirt, then dip in lightly a wheel polish like Mother’s Mag Polish, or DuPont White Polishing Compound. Clamp the die into a vise without damaging, then insert the polish loaded bore brush and roll the rod like a friction stick, between your palms. Then clean out with fresh piece of cloth on bore brush until absolutely clean. You probably could use a drill, but I don’t know if that would erode the interior of the die. Maybe if used light enough, it would work okay.

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