Book Review: Tactical Pistol Shooting, 2nd Edition, by Erik Lawrence and Mike Pannone

I managed to find this book in the Rio Rancho Public Library, so, while my son was setting up a display in the library, I started reading it.

This is an easy-to-use guide for all self-defense pistol situations.  It covers everything from stances, to malfunctions, to techniques to use if you are wounded.  The book discusses pistols mostly, and there is zero reference to revolvers.  In fact, based on the photographs and the descriptions, the book is slanted heavily towards Glocks, which is fine by me, as I love my Glock 32.

Physically, the book is 251 or so pages, including sample practice log sheets meant to be copied and used over and over again during your own practice.  The book is full of full-color photographs demonstrating each of the techniques.  The twelve chapters has quite a few pages, but most pages contain detailed photographs, making this an easy read.  I was reading bits and pieces for several nights before going to bed.

Ideally, this book should be used while you practice each of these techniques for the first time.  Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of that before returning this book.  However, I do remember most of the techniques and will begin to practice them the next time I am at the range.

Overall, I recommend this book- not as a starting book for learning about your new pistol, but as a guide should you go into law enforcement, private security, or may need to aggressively defend yourself against multiple attackers.

Thank you for reading my book review.

Lawrence, Erik, and Mike Pannone.  Tactical Pistol Shooting, 2nd Ed.  Gun Digest Books, Iola, WI, 2009.

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