Air Rifle Practice

I started typing this post last night and fell asleep part of the way through scoring my targets.  I woke up with pen and target in hand.

I went to air rifle practice last night.  There were 20 shooters, so I spent most of the time helping coach and watch the firing line.  I helped one girl, though she was twisting funny in her position, and I have to think about what was different between her and other shooters.

Near the end of the session, I shot one target from the prone position, though I did not shoot very well.

I am also working out some details about participating in the state air pistol match in a few weeks.  We will see how it goes, as I only have a narrow window of time to compete, as it is on the same day as several other events.  If I can get squadded during that time, I will shoot then.

Thank you for reading my post

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