Graduation Shooting

After Graduation, a few of us got together to get in a little range time.  It was a windy day, so our targets kept blowing over.

I adjusted the sights on my latest AR-15, and I think I have them at least on paper.  Next semester, I will shoot it in a CMP school, and see if I can fine-tune it from there.

I also shock-tested the ventilated handguard on one of my Mossberg 500s.  I had installed this device, but never tested it.  I ran through five shells as fast as I could pump and pull the trigger, and there was no movement or signs of wear on the handguard.

I spent the bulk of my time on the range shooting my Smith and Wesson SW9VE.  That handgun and I have been partners so many times.  It’s always good to make sure I can still shoot it well.  The sights line up (for me) as though it were an extension of my hand.

Thank you for reading my post.

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