Reloading Shack

I have neglected to keep my reloading shack clean.  Therefore, I spent the first four hours of the day working in there to clean things up.

Probably my biggest problem is cleaning up brass.  I have tons of brass, of all different makes and calibers, all mixed together.  What happens is that I sort some of it out, and then lose interest for a bit.  Then, I end up knocking things over, or I end up with a mix of primed brass and unprimed brass, or some combination of things like that.

Today was spent mostly sorting out that brass.  I still have a long ways to go on it, but hopefully, I’ll get it straightened out.

I also cleared some of the “junk” that was laying around as well.  That makes it more fun to reload, as there is more space to deal with these sorts of issues.

Thank you for reading my post.

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