Geocaching in Southeastern Kansas

This past week, I have been on the road.  I drove to Decatur, IL, for a chemical safety training, and did not have much time outdoors.

Having said that, we did make a few stops along the way.  We stopped in Moline, KS, just because we took the scenic route through town.  While we were there, we stopped and saw the oldest swinging bridge in Kansas.

While looking at this awesome bridge, it dawned on me that someone had likely placed a geocache nearby, as this bridge was a local landmark.

We found one the bridge! It was a magnetic cache, and had a logbook to sign, so N3MRA and Mknowbuddy are now signed in.

Then, still thinking about geocaching, we found another one a little ways south near the county line.  This one was on a church sign. This one was a homemade magnetic holder as well, with a logbook. We signed that one, too.

I will post more of these in the future, as it was fun looking for them.

Thank you for reading my post.

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