American Rifleman: September 2017

I finally finished reading an issue of American Rifleman.  I’ve been woefully behind on my reading, so it was nice to finish what I had started.

My favorite article in this issue was, “Hornady’s 6.5 MM Creedmoor” by Joseph L. Kurtenbach.  I am a sucker for specialty cartridges, as I have mentioned on this blog numerous times.  I think this 6.5 mm Creedmoor shows a lot of promise as a hunting and target round. (1)

My second favorite article was, “The First Ruger” by Don Findley.  While I have been disappointed by the Mark III pistol, I really did like the Mark II pistols that I grew up shooting.  This article gave the history of this company; a company that started with such meager roots, yet now produces 12 million guns a year.  (2)

Thank you for reading my post.


  1.  Kurtenbach, Joseph L.  “Hornady’s 6.5 MM Creedmoor,” American Rifleman, September 2017, pg 57-62.
  2. Findley, Don.  “The First Ruger,” American Rifleman, September 2017, pg. 69-71.
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