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Air Rifle Practice

Today, I went to the first air rifle practice of the season. I did not shoot nearly as well as I would have liked to, and I had a scoped rifle to boot. However, I was having trouble with seeing … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Camping Checklist

As a pre-teen, I was a member of the Pathfinders, which is the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) version of co-ed Boy Scouts. (Interestingly enough, the Pathfinders pre-date the Boy Scouts by three years). One of the fun things I would do … Continue reading

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Geocaching and Reloading

This week, I found two geocaches in Socorro County, NM.  I found the first one at the top of Sedillo Hill in a tree. I had a few more minutes to kill between meetings, so I rode down the hill … Continue reading

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Reloading this Weekend

This weekend, I started cleaning up the reloading shed again.  I got a few things organized, including some of my brass that has been sitting in bags and boxes for ages. My son and I also did some case prep … Continue reading

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Geocaching on the Road

I am still traveling across country, and am en route from Ohio to New Mexico.  With the below zero temperatures, I won’t do much geocaching over the next few days.  However, on the first leg of this trip, I did … Continue reading

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