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No Air Rifle Practice

Figures- the two weeks I am in Socorro on Monday, there is no air rifle practice.  This week, they were packing up when I got there, and next week is a holiday week for practice. I did make a trip … Continue reading

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Quick Trip to the Range

I went to the Socorro Range on Thursday night.  It was just a brief trip, and I only got to shoot a few times before the sun set.  I just needed to get out and do a little shooting. I … Continue reading

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More Raccoons

We visited my parents last week.  They feed the stray cats, which means they feed everything in the woods. Here is a video of one of the raccoons, eating everything they can find. Thank you for reading my post.

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Petroglyphs Hike

On 10/20/18, JoAnna and I took a hike around the Petroglyphs National Monument in Albuquerque.    Our hike was 2.15 miles in very pleasant weather. Years ago, we had visited the Petroglyphs, and so it was nice to return, especially … Continue reading

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Accidental Winter

The temperature dropped sharply a few days ago, and we nearly went into winter. There was snow flurries on my car several times over the last week, and instead of running the air conditioning, I have been running the heater, … Continue reading

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Black Widows

There is a metal rail on the NMT campus that seems to be a breeding ground for black widow spiders.  Within a few minutes of looking, I saw several, and saved the best photos. What is wrong with me that … Continue reading

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Bore Snakes and The Like

I don’t think I like BoreSnakes and other cleaning ropes. They may work just fine, but to me, they seem like they could damage the gun.  It seems like any particles from the primer or any dirt will become embedded … Continue reading

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