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As a proud life member of the NRA and the proud owner of several AR-15’s, I am annoyed with my Facebook feed these last few days. My rights are not subjected to your vote. The majority does not get to … Continue reading

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Gun Show and Air Rifle Practice

Yesterday, Joey and I went to the gun show in Albuquerque. It was fun, and there was all sorts of neat stuff. I could have spent the money I don’t have on this stuff. There were tons of AR-15 parts, … Continue reading

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Busy Times

I spent an hour or so yesterday in the reloading shed with my son, Joey, cranking out .38 Specials. We loaded 141 of them, with 158 gr round nose bullets, CCI primers, and 8.4 grains of 2400. I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice

Today, I went to the first air rifle practice of the season. I did not shoot nearly as well as I would have liked to, and I had a scoped rifle to boot. However, I was having trouble with seeing … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Camping Checklist

As a pre-teen, I was a member of the Pathfinders, which is the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) version of co-ed Boy Scouts. (Interestingly enough, the Pathfinders pre-date the Boy Scouts by three years). One of the fun things I would do … Continue reading

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Geocaching and Reloading

This week, I found two geocaches in Socorro County, NM.  I found the first one at the top of Sedillo Hill in a tree. I had a few more minutes to kill between meetings, so I rode down the hill … Continue reading

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Reloading this Weekend

This weekend, I started cleaning up the reloading shed again.  I got a few things organized, including some of my brass that has been sitting in bags and boxes for ages. My son and I also did some case prep … Continue reading

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