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Deformed .38 Special Cases

I ran into a problem when Joey and I were shooting last weekend.  Some of the .38 Special rounds that we loaded seemed too “thick” to chamber in my revolver.  They would go most of the way in, but then … Continue reading

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Shooting Range, Finally

I finally made it out to the shooting range this weekend! Joey and I tested out some of the .38s we loaded back in February.  A few of them seemed fat at the base and did not want to seat … Continue reading

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The next few weeks will involve lots of updates that will be transparent to you, the reader. I am changing image servers, so all of the photos and links on this blog need to be moved. Unfortunately, I will probably … Continue reading

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Walks Around Rio Rancho

JoAnna and I will occasionally go for walks around our neighborhood around sunset.  They aren’t long walks, and we normally end up walking around a local park for several laps, but it is nice to get out of the house … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, we took a road trip through the northern Great Plains.  We found Geocaches in Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. We also took a trip to New England last week.  The weather was not great the entire … Continue reading

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More Random Wildlife Around CU Boulder

I took a few more photos of random wildlife around CU Boulder’s campus.  First, we have fish in the duck pond.  The problem is that the duck pond has many signs saying that fishing is not allowed on campus.  What … Continue reading

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Hiking in Chautauqua

This past weekend, I went for a hike with my 36 high school students in the Chautauqua area near Boulder, CO. This area used to be a summer retreat for well-to-do folks along the east coast. While there are many … Continue reading

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