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Air Rifle Practice: 10/16/17

I had another opportunity to shoot this evening, but just for a few minutes again.  I’m not typically in Socorro on Monday nights, but this evening, I was able to get two targets worth of prone position shooting in before … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice: 10/9/17

I was able to shoot for a few minutes at air rifle practice this evening.  I am not normally in town on Monday nights, but this week and next, I will be. I only shot for a few minutes.  At … Continue reading

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Las Vegas

I don’t have much to say about this mass shooting.  I know the thing I want most right now are some straight facts, and I can count on not getting those.  Who was this guy, how was he able to … Continue reading

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American Rifleman: September 2017

I finally finished reading an issue of American Rifleman.  I’ve been woefully behind on my reading, so it was nice to finish what I had started. My favorite article in this issue was, “Hornady’s 6.5 MM Creedmoor” by Joseph L. … Continue reading

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Cibola National Forest

This weekend, we spent a little time hiking around the Cibola National Forest. We started out by spending Saturday night in Water Canyon. We didn’t bring a tent, but the weather was excellent, so we unrolled a sleeping bag and … Continue reading

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Full House for Air Rifle Practice

I briefly attended air rifle practice this afternoon, though I did not get the chance to shoot.  It was the first air rifle practice of the semester, so there were quite a few shooters lined up to participate.  On nights … Continue reading

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Quick Geocache

Yesterday, we were driving from Silver City, NM, to Socorro, NM, and stopped at several landmarks along the way.  One of these places commemorated the Silver Fire of 2013, which burned quite a few square miles of the Gila National … Continue reading

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