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Geocaching on the Road

I am still traveling across country, and am en route from Ohio to New Mexico.  With the below zero temperatures, I won’t do much geocaching over the next few days.  However, on the first leg of this trip, I did … Continue reading

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Shooting Event

On Friday, nearly 20 students accompained me to the shooting range in Socorro.  They were of mixed experience levels, so I had a good time showing folks how to shoot.   We started off with five experienced shooters who brought their … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice: 10/16/17

I had another opportunity to shoot this evening, but just for a few minutes again.  I’m not typically in Socorro on Monday nights, but this evening, I was able to get two targets worth of prone position shooting in before … Continue reading

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Corrosion Issues

I decided to take a look at the revolver I’ve kept loaded for a long time. It is a Taurus 66, .357 Magnum revolver. It was my first handgun and has been a reliable, accurate home defense gun. I opened … Continue reading

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Issues with Marlin Camp Carbine 9

I went out this afternoon to shoot my Marlin Camp Carbine 9. I have shot it a few times before. I loaded a magazine with 5 Federal 115 gr FMJ rounds and shot them. I handed the rifle to my … Continue reading

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