Walk Along the Potomac

I drove to Virginia to visit my parents.  On my way to their house, I stopped at a park and beach along the Potomac River near Dahlgren, VA, and took a few photos around sunset. Enjoy!

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Graduation Shooting

After Graduation, a few of us got together to get in a little range time.  It was a windy day, so our targets kept blowing over.

I adjusted the sights on my latest AR-15, and I think I have them at least on paper.  Next semester, I will shoot it in a CMP school, and see if I can fine-tune it from there.

I also shock-tested the ventilated handguard on one of my Mossberg 500s.  I had installed this device, but never tested it.  I ran through five shells as fast as I could pump and pull the trigger, and there was no movement or signs of wear on the handguard.

I spent the bulk of my time on the range shooting my Smith and Wesson SW9VE.  That handgun and I have been partners so many times.  It’s always good to make sure I can still shoot it well.  The sights line up (for me) as though it were an extension of my hand.

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Air Rifle Practice

I attended air rifle practice this evening. It was the last one of the semester and I was glad to have attended.  I was able to shoot in all three positions tonight, for the first time in many weeks.

The air rifle practice was not very well attended today, but it did mean that I got to shoot the entire time.

I will miss air rifle practice over the summer, and will probably only attend again occasionally next semester.  It may be the spring before I attend again regularly, unfortunately.

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Missed Air Rifle Practice

I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I ended up falling asleep in my car instead of attending air rifle practice today.  I am really annoyed by this, as this was my last chance for quite some time.   I don’t think I will have any more opportunities this semester, and I don’t think I will be at NMT on Monday nights next semester.

Hopefully, I will get a chance again next semester, at least occasionally.

Thank you for reading my whiny post.


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Updating the Books

I finally finished updating my air rifle scores in this log.  However, now that I have finished with that task, I already have another idea.

As an engineer, I realize that I have collected a ton of data, and it is time to start analyzing it.  Does it matter which rifle I use?  Have I improved?  I can start comparing each new incoming score to see if I am “on target” so to speak, or if I have drifted outside of control limits, or am violating Western Electric Rules.  Yeah, I am a nerd.

It’s a thought, anyway.

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Walk Around the Pond

I took a quick walk around the duck pond on the New Mexico Tech campus.  I don’t know what prompted me to walk around this duck pond today, but I was glad I did.

I saw some turtles, and the shell of a crawdad.  I also saw quite a few bullfrogs, like the one in this cell phone photo:

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Air Rifle Practice

I started typing this post last night and fell asleep part of the way through scoring my targets.  I woke up with pen and target in hand.

I went to air rifle practice last night.  There were 20 shooters, so I spent most of the time helping coach and watch the firing line.  I helped one girl, though she was twisting funny in her position, and I have to think about what was different between her and other shooters.

Near the end of the session, I shot one target from the prone position, though I did not shoot very well.

I am also working out some details about participating in the state air pistol match in a few weeks.  We will see how it goes, as I only have a narrow window of time to compete, as it is on the same day as several other events.  If I can get squadded during that time, I will shoot then.

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