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As a proud life member of the NRA and the proud owner of several AR-15’s, I am annoyed with my Facebook feed these last few days. My rights are not subjected to your vote. The majority does not get to … Continue reading

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Busy Times

I spent an hour or so yesterday in the reloading shed with my son, Joey, cranking out .38 Specials. We loaded 141 of them, with 158 gr round nose bullets, CCI primers, and 8.4 grains of 2400. I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Graduation Shooting

After Graduation, a few of us got together to get in a little range time.  It was a windy day, so our targets kept blowing over. I adjusted the sights on my latest AR-15, and I think I have them … Continue reading

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No Air Rifle Practice

There was no air rifle practice this week.  I found a record of old air rifle practice scores, and will add some of those over the next few weeks. My father sent me a front sight tool for my AR. … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice and CMP: 3/6/17

This weekend, I shot in the Civilian Marksmanship Program school.  I brought my new AR, but forgot my sling. On the first stage, the wind was blowing hard.  My spotting scope was blowing in the wind so hard that I … Continue reading

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AR-15 Build Photos

Lower receiver, ready for a build: Magazine release in place. Bolt release in place. This is one of the more difficult parts to assemble, in my opinion. You must compress a screw, then drive a pin through a hole between … Continue reading

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AR-15 Assemblies

I assembled two AR-15s this past week.  One had been sitting in my gun safe in pieces for quite some time.  I think I bought it in 2012.  The second, I picked up at the Albuquerque Gun Show a week … Continue reading

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