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American Rifleman: December, 2017

I just finished reading the December issue of American Rifleman and there were several articles I found interesting. My favorite article was “Cold War Warriors:  The Men & Guns of Special Forces Berlin”, by James Stejskal.  This article discussed some … Continue reading

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Reloading Shack

I have neglected to keep my reloading shack clean.  Therefore, I spent the first four hours of the day working in there to clean things up. Probably my biggest problem is cleaning up brass.  I have tons of brass, of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!! First, I will close out the year by showing off my Christmas loot: When I get back to Rio Rancho, I will fill up my sandbags.  I was amused by the .22s with Santa Claus on the … Continue reading

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AR-15 Build Photos

Lower receiver, ready for a build: Magazine release in place. Bolt release in place. This is one of the more difficult parts to assemble, in my opinion. You must compress a screw, then drive a pin through a hole between … Continue reading

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AR-15 Assemblies

I assembled two AR-15s this past week.  One had been sitting in my gun safe in pieces for quite some time.  I think I bought it in 2012.  The second, I picked up at the Albuquerque Gun Show a week … Continue reading

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American Rifleman

I am in the process of reading this month’s American Rifleman, though I have yet to read any feature articles.  So far, most of the articles have been about the upcoming elections and short pieces on technical details about specific … Continue reading

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Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Ported

My girlfriend and I went to the local indoor range to see if anyone was willing to let us test out a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Ported model. A little history with this story: my girlfriend and I watched … Continue reading

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