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Busy Times

I spent an hour or so yesterday in the reloading shed with my son, Joey, cranking out .38 Specials. We loaded 141 of them, with 158 gr round nose bullets, CCI primers, and 8.4 grains of 2400. I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Shooting Event

On Friday, nearly 20 students accompained me to the shooting range in Socorro.  They were of mixed experience levels, so I had a good time showing folks how to shoot.   We started off with five experienced shooters who brought their … Continue reading

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American Rifleman: December, 2017

I just finished reading the December issue of American Rifleman and there were several articles I found interesting. My favorite article was “Cold War Warriors:  The Men & Guns of Special Forces Berlin”, by James Stejskal.  This article discussed some … Continue reading

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Reloading Shack

I have neglected to keep my reloading shack clean.  Therefore, I spent the first four hours of the day working in there to clean things up. Probably my biggest problem is cleaning up brass.  I have tons of brass, of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!! First, I will close out the year by showing off my Christmas loot: When I get back to Rio Rancho, I will fill up my sandbags.  I was amused by the .22s with Santa Claus on the … Continue reading

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AR-15 Build Photos

Lower receiver, ready for a build: Magazine release in place. Bolt release in place. This is one of the more difficult parts to assemble, in my opinion. You must compress a screw, then drive a pin through a hole between … Continue reading

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AR-15 Assemblies

I assembled two AR-15s this past week.  One had been sitting in my gun safe in pieces for quite some time.  I think I bought it in 2012.  The second, I picked up at the Albuquerque Gun Show a week … Continue reading

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