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Hiking in Chautauqua

This past weekend, I went for a hike with my 36 high school students in the Chautauqua area near Boulder, CO. This area used to be a summer retreat for well-to-do folks along the east coast. While there are many … Continue reading

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Cibola National Forest

This weekend, we spent a little time hiking around the Cibola National Forest. We started out by spending Saturday night in Water Canyon. We didn’t bring a tent, but the weather was excellent, so we unrolled a sleeping bag and … Continue reading

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Walk Along the Potomac

I drove to Virginia to visit my parents. ¬†On my way to their house, I stopped at a park and beach along the Potomac River near Dahlgren, VA, and took a few photos around sunset. Enjoy! Thank you for reading … Continue reading

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Long Time, No See

I went ofr a 10-ish mile hike a few weeks ago and have not yet dumped the photos from my camera. As soon as I do, I will have something worthwhile to post. I have not been to air rifle … Continue reading

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Top of the World Hike, CA

On November 22, 2015, my girlfriend and I took the trail to the Top of the World near Laguna Beach, CA. The park folks tried to warn us that there was a huge elevation change (300-ish ft). We didn’t tell … Continue reading

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Pino Trail: 6/21/15

Yesterday, JoAnna and I hiked up the side of Sandia Crest using the Pino Trail. All said and done, it was like 8.2 miles, with 4200′ of elevation change. I tried to record the journey on my cell phone, but … Continue reading

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Volcanoes Trails: 5/31/15

This morning, we went for a hike along the Volcanoes Day Use area on the west side of Albuquerque, NM. There are five volcanoes in this area, and we took trails around three of them. All five were formed by … Continue reading

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