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Geocaching in Southeastern Kansas

This past week, I have been on the road.  I drove to Decatur, IL, for a chemical safety training, and did not have much time outdoors. Having said that, we did make a few stops along the way.  We stopped … Continue reading

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Outdoor Books: Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

I first read this novel in the 7th grade, and I really loved it.  It was required reading for my class, as we did a unit on survival. The plot of the story is that a 13 year old boy … Continue reading

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Top of the World Hike, CA

On November 22, 2015, my girlfriend and I took the trail to the Top of the World near Laguna Beach, CA. The park folks tried to warn us that there was a huge elevation change (300-ish ft). We didn’t tell … Continue reading

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Wildlife Near My House

On a bike ride around the neighborhood, I saw this guy: …and in my front yard, I saw these baby quail. Enjoy! Thank you for reading my post.

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Pino Trail: 6/21/15

Yesterday, JoAnna and I hiked up the side of Sandia Crest using the Pino Trail. All said and done, it was like 8.2 miles, with 4200′ of elevation change. I tried to record the journey on my cell phone, but … Continue reading

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Deer Stand Hazard

Never, ever, hang out in your deer stand during a thunderstorm. This is, er, was my uncle’s deer stand. It was struck by lightning and blew the tree in half.

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Finding a Bag

I realize I have not posted on this blog in quite some time. I am going to gripe today. I can never find a bag that I like. I have a good backpack for camping and backpacking. I love it. … Continue reading

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