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Guns I Wanted

It is funny to notice how things change.  When I was an early teenager, I wanted a rifle that I could strap onto my backpack and cart around in the woods, should I encounter a rabid dog, black bear, or … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice and CMP: 3/6/17

This weekend, I shot in the Civilian Marksmanship Program school.  I brought my new AR, but forgot my sling. On the first stage, the wind was blowing hard.  My spotting scope was blowing in the wind so hard that I … Continue reading

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Civilian Marksmanship Program

On Saturday, I attended a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) in Socorro. I hadn’t shot in one of these CMP schools for many years. In this one, I borrowed a heavy barreled AR-15, and shot a 381/500. This isn’t too bad, … Continue reading

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Enfield and the Albuquerque Gun Show

There was a gun show this weekend in Albuquerque. I was just going to stop by and take a look around. Instead, one gun followed me home: This is an Enfield rifle, converted to .308 Win, with a synthetic stock … Continue reading

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Army vs. Civilian Shooting Styles

This is an interesting article. It does go to show how much can be learned by simple “hobbyists” in any task. If it is true that many of the marksmanship training principles have not changed in the military, then there … Continue reading

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Marlin 336 for 10 years

Ten years ago today, I drove from Socorro, NM, to Los Lunas, NM, and spent some of my Christmas money. I purchased a Marlin 336, .30-30 Win., lever-action rifle for $294.97. I love that gun, and it may be some … Continue reading

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Air Rifle Practice: 12/1/14

I shot a Daisy 777 from the sitting position in Monday’s air rifle practice. I’ve been out of practice, but I’m quickly getting back into the hang of it! 64/100 40/60

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