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Tour of Dillon Precision

On Monday, I got to tour the Dillon Precision factory in Scottsdale, AZ. Dillon Precision makes reloading equipment, particularly progressive presses. With the exception of one part, everything is made in the United States. The company has about 80 employees … Continue reading

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Vulcanology Tour: 11/??/05

Back in 2005, I got to go on a field trip to several young volcanoes in New Mexico. I was invited by several of my friends who were in a geology class at the time. The volcanoes were near Grants, … Continue reading

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Socorro Mesa Tailings Pile: 10/23/05

Back in 2005, a friend of mine and I dug around in the tailings pile in Socorro, New Mexico. There used to be a manganese oxide mine on the site, and there were still concrete foundations and tailings piles scattered … Continue reading

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Magdalena Ridge Rocks: 10/??/05

Magdalena Ridge offers some neat sites and scenic views. However, I didn’t take many photos of those on this particular day, just some pictures of some rocks I found. In particular, there were a bunch of rhyolites and quartz all … Continue reading

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An Old Revolver

I was going through some pictures on my hard drive and ran across this one from 2/23/13. I took my Colt Police Positive in .32-20 Win to the indoor range and shot it. A little background- this revolver was made … Continue reading

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San Lorenzo Canyon 2/?/06

I went out with a friend of mine to San Lorenzo Canyon. She was doing some work for her geology degree, and I was along for the ride. I mostly wandered around and took a few photos of the canyon, … Continue reading

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Playing in the Arkansas River 7/21/13

I took a scenic road trip through Colorado back in July. The purpose of the trip was to get out and do something on my last weekend off- I was working two full time jobs and once my new schedule … Continue reading

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